The Power Of Progression: How To Create A Potent Video Ad Sequence

Sometimes your big video ad idea is just too grand to fit in a normal ad time slot. Whether thirty-seconds, a minute or longer, you may not be able to squeeze in all of the features and advantages of your products and services. Creating a video ad sequence is your answer.

Like any serialized television show, a series of video ads can be exciting for your viewers. Multiple connected ads help you share your message and inform your customers while keeping them coming back for more.

Create a Common Message

Before you begin writing the scripts, you first need to come up with a global message. What is the big picture you want your audience to learn about your company and its products or services?

You probably have a mission statement for your company. Think of the global message as a mission statement for your video ad sequence.

Let’s look at a simple example to help get you started.

“Our software can help you run your company from sales to delivery.”

If your product or service has only one feature, maybe a single video ad will get this point across. More than likely, your product has several aspects to help your customers achieve their goals.

Focus on the Features

Now that you’ve come up with the overall message for your commercial, your next step is to figure out how to break this down into separate video ads. Each individual ad should focus on the unique features of your products.

Competitive advantages, product functionality, and technological advancements are all features worthy of being a single ad topic. Using only one of these as the subject for a single video ad will allow you to provide more details while keeping your audience interested.

As you come up with the topics for each ad in the series, keep your global message in mind. It’s important that each ad contributes to and reinforces your global message. Here are some examples of possible ad subjects based on the sample global message.

“Links directly to lead generation services.”

“Check inventory and reorder supplies.”

“Inter-company secure messaging.”

“Full access to your accounting software and financial reports.”

“Real-time delivery tracking from all your delivery partners.”

“All features available from computers, tablets, and smartphones.”

Can you see how each of these topics supports your global message? These will serve as the theme for each episode as you begin writing the scripts.

Reinforce Your Brand

Another benefit of a video ad series is strengthening your brand. Coca-Cola, Apple, and Netflix are not recognized worldwide because of a single commercial, print ad, or store display. These companies have built their brand through repetition and consistency.

Creating multiple ads provides repetition. Maintaining the same common elements across your advertising efforts helps you achieve consistency.

Logos, colors, fonts, and using the same spokespeople are just a few possible aspects of your branding. The look of your ad, music, and emotions all connect your audience with your brand. Keeping all of these elements consistent across all ads in a series is imperative to make your brand recognizable.

Intros and outros can be a great way to open and close each video ad. An experienced motion graphics artist can design an intro and outro for your brand. If done correctly, this can be highly cost effective. One intro/outro design should be customizable so it can be added to each video ad in editing.

Your intro welcomes in your audience.  It should introduce your company, product and the subject of each video ad.

Sample Intro

Your outro brings your video ad to a close.  It should repeat your company name, product and provide a way to reach you.  Including your website, email and social media links.

Sample Outro

Since the intro and outro will be the first and last thing your viewer sees, make them exciting. Animating your logo adds visual interest. Moving text can draw in the viewer’s attention. All while providing important information for your viewers in an entertaining way.

Over time, your customers will be able to identify an ad for your products without ever seeing your name or even your logo.

Let Them Know There’s More

Giving you viewers a recap of the previous video and a teaser for the next video will show your viewers that each video is part of a series.

Leading each video ad with a simple statement—

     “Now that you’ve learned how our app interfaces with lead generation databases…”

—makes it clear they are watching a series.

A well-constructed closing—

     “In the next episode, we will talk about secure inter-company messaging.”

—tells them there’s more to learn.

These simple phrases don’t take much time away from the subject at hand. They help your audience understand that your product has many important features, but not all will be covered in this episode. Teasers keep people interested. Why not put them to good use.

Put It To The Test

A video ad series can be a valuable marketing tool when done right. Make sure you have a common message that is supported by each video ad’s unique theme. Reinforce your brand by using common elements to provide a consistent user experience from ad to ad. Remind your audience each ad is one of a multi-part series to keep them coming back for more.

Now that you know all the aspects of a well-designed video ad series, writing the scripts should be a breeze.