How to Create a Promotional Video that Delivers Results

One of the best ways to market your products and services is to use a promotional video. The big benefit of video is that you are engaging the prospect with text, auditory, and visual elements. You can do things that you can’t with just text such as showing how a product works and making a personal connection. However, simply creating a promotional video won’t guarantee results. You still need to craft a video that’s going to engage.

Here are some strategies to create videos that deliver results:

1. Connect with the User’s Conversation or Situation

Start by thinking about the audience you are targeting. It may even help to build several buyer persona’s within that audience. What you want to do is to figure out what conversations are already in their head or what situation they’re facing. If you’re selling a hydroponics gardening kit, you have many different talking points you can use to connect with your audience.

For example, you can talk about the possibility of growing crops all year round, the problem with dealing with pests with traditional gardening, the harm that pesticides pose to health, and the challenges of getting a strong yield. You really need to do your research to find out what thoughts and issues are the most pressing for your target audience so that you can work it in to your video.

2. Create an Attractive Title and Description

If you’re going to build a video marketing campaign using YouTube and other media platforms, you need a strong title to attract views. Your title should be relevant, emotional, attention grabbing, and/or curiosity inducing. Here’s a video that gives a good framework:

You also need to follow that up with a strong description that builds interests and relevance with the viewer. Other things you will want to work on include hashtags, categories, keyword tags, and more. If you want more video marketing optimization tips to help your videos get found, here’s a great guide.

3. Make Your Video Engaging

You want to make your video engaging to keep your viewer watching until the very end. There are many ingredients for making your video engaging. This includes the following:

– Engaging in a conversation with a personality. Add energy, emotions, varying tonality, and facial expressions in the video.

– Using a speaker that can communicate effectively. A voice over artist or a video personality can be hired if you’re not a great speaker.

– Adding light background music can fill out the space of a video and also create a nice calming effect.

– Adding interactive elements like cards, end screens, call to action overlays, and other features can keep the viewer interested.

4. Come Up with a Powerful Hook

If you’re planning to create video ad campaign, you need to come up with a powerful hook. In many cases, the video ads you run will be disruptive. They’ll often be pop-up in-video ads or pre-rolls (short videos before the intended video starts). As a result, you need to quickly get their attention with a hook. A hook is basically an idea that introduce a unique idea to the viewer.

Some examples of a hook might be “Imagine an Affordable Way to Grow Crops All Year Round”, “What If I Told You a College Education Can Be Way Cheaper Than You Think?” and “Here’s a Little Known Loophole that Can Save You 10 Percent or More on Your Taxes This Year”. You can clearly identify the big idea behind each of these hooks. Here are some solid ideas for coming up with great hooks.

5. Craft a Compelling Story

Telling a story is one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged. A great way to frame your story is to start off with a hook that relates to the story. Everybody knows that a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. As a result, they often will stay tuned in to get all the details as long as you’ve done a great job selling the hook.

Stories can also play into the person’s internal conversations and situations. Infomercials are really great at this. They tell a story of how a traditional product works and how inefficient or ineffective it is. They demonstrate this by showing a video of a person that’s frustrated with the traditional products. The story continues with the replacement product and shows a video of how much better things are with this product. It’s a typical before and after story that many people buy into.

6. Use Product Demonstrations and Tutorials

If you’re selling a physical product, you want to make sure that you use your video to actually show the product in action. This helps the viewers to visualize themselves using it. Videos are also great for helping to explain more complicated products like kitchen gadgets. Tutorials that break everything down make people understand the product better and helps convince them that they can get value out of it.

7. Use Testimonials and Case Studies

It’s important to remember that people buy based on reviews. That’s why it makes sense to collect customer testimonials and include them in the video. Rather than go the infomercial route, try to minimize the sensationalism and go with down to earth testimonials. It will also help to use case studies, statistics, and charts to help give your product and business credibility and authority.

8. Build a Powerful Offer

At the end of the day, you are selling something to the viewer. To help close the deal, you want to build a powerful offer at the end of the video. Create an emotional ladder by offering a great price point, mentioning any limited time discounts, and adding the bonuses. There’s a reason that many infomercials follow the same pattern when introducing the price. The approach simply works.

These are some of the strategies you should be using in your promo video. It’s not just one thing that will make your video generate results. It’s a combination of many big and small elements that come together to grab the viewer’s attention, keep the viewer engaged, and sell your product/service.