The First 4 Videos Your Lead-Focused Small Business Should Make

You’re not using video to market your small business and capture leads yet?

You’re not living under a rock. You see video everywhere.

Thinking about incorporating it into your marketing strategy can be daunting. So many people are doing it well. Can you really compete?

It’s not difficult to create compelling, professional videos. And your potential customers want it.

Video strongly affects traffic, leads and sales. It helps your audience understand your brand and retain your message.

If you’re new to video marketing or need to streamline your strategy for more leads and conversions, you need to create the following types of videos. Roll them out consistently to keep your audience hooked.

Guide to Your First Lead Generation Videos

Begin by offering a few top-funnel videos. These can help others discover your brand and increase traffic. Videos at this level should bring you lots of leads. They attract customers who are new to your brand or this aspect of their journey.

Eventually, you’ll create videos that bring leads further down the funnel. Ultimately, you’ll want conversion videos. These are the videos that open wallets.

If you’re a video marketing beginner, don’t worry so much about selling. Focus on getting leads and warming them up. As you see the results of your efforts, you’ll generate the knowledge and experience that you need to create impressive, effective conversion videos.

But that’s another story for another time.

These are the first video ads that you should concentrate on for your small business.

1. Brand Videos

Think of these as introductory videos. They’re a dynamic look book, and they deliver the message, mission and values of your business.

You can create different brand videos for various target audiences and share them accordingly. Don’t feel as though you have to make a boring bio. Use the power of storytelling and the power of this technology to get creative.

This Dollar Shave Club corporate video is a bit long, but it incorporates several elements that you could focus on for a series of brand videos, like:
• Company description
• Introduces problem target audience wants to solve
• Product explanation as solution to that problem
• Answers opposition questions
• Explains why to choose this company or product

It sounds like a resume. Why would you watch it willingly?

Because it’s funny.

Match the tone of the video with the way that you want your audience to remember you. Evoke emotion, be relatable, and add an element of surprise. Don’t answer all of your viewers’ questions. Leave them wanting more and recognizing you when they see you again.

This brand video for Visit California creatively pairs a serene glide through a California landscape with a relatable text message thread that elicits curiosity.

Use these videos as your YouTube channel trailer or your website’s About Us page.

Don’t be pushy. Think of a brand video as a first date. You want your audience to get to know you before you launch at them with any propositions.

2. Offer Videos

Highlight one or a few of your products or services to give your audience more details. You can get a little more intimate with these. Take them behind the scenes, or give them a tutorial.

You can and should give away this content for free. But you can also ask for a little something from your viewers if they’re interested in more videos like that. Offer similar content in exchange for their email address. Now you have a lead.

Blendtec’s “Will It Blend” campaign took on the vibe of a reality show by testing the toughness of its blenders by chopping up random household items.

It was as practical as it was entertaining. You knew that the blender could crush your ice after you watched it demolish a phone.

This Sierra Designs product video uses a more direct approach to detail the benefits of a tent while offering solutions to campers’ biggest problems.

It’s informational enough to hold your attention if you’re into camping. If you’re not in the market for a tent, you might still follow the company to get more quick tips.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of offering value. Give your customers quick snippets of really useful information while subtly highlighting the features of something that you offer.

3. Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

You can put any of the video types above on a landing page. In fact, you should include a video on your landing pages. Video here can dramatically increase conversions.

You’ll also be asking your audience to fill out some type of form on these pages. You can incorporate the form into the video using software, or incorporate the video into the form on a website.

Adding links within these videos can help keep your viewer in the funnel. If they watch the video but don’t fill out the form, they might click over to a product video that gives more details. Once they have more time with you, they’re more likely to click back and sign up on your landing page.

This explainer video on a Crazy Egg landing page increased the company’s revenue by $21,000 per month. It addresses a problem that the target market has and introduces a much-needed solution.

Udemy offers quick previews on each course’s landing page so that potential customers don’t have to guess about what they’re about to buy.

4. Social Video

Creating videos that are geared toward people who already recognize your brand creates trust and gives you a sense of authority. This is where you can offer value to the clients who are on the edge, inducing them to follow you on social media and share your content with their friends.

You don’t have to try as hard when you create social videos. Live feeds are engaging. Your loyal fans want to see you being a little quirky and letting your hair down. You can be more personable while maintaining your brand image by posting quick live snippets to social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.

Buzzfeed Tasty videos are brief, informative and entertaining. Plus, they’re easily shareable, which is why you might see them all over your newsfeed.

You don’t even have to create the video content. Ask your customers to share videos of themselves using your product or commenting on your services. That’s what @hudabeauty does.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to video, less is often more. Focus on good sound quality and crisp, clear imagery. From there, get creative.

Make something that you’d want to watch.

Keep it short.

Break complex themes into short, engaging snippets.

Don’t stress about it.

Just start. You’ll improve as you learn and grow.