10 Tips For More Effective Video Ads

Digital marketing strategies have revolutionized the way businesses acquire clients. PPC and search engine optimization give businesses more freedom and accountability when acquiring clients and also sustaining them.

That being said, perhaps the most interesting digital marketing channel today is video advertising. Video ads combine several of the benefits of other digital marketing strategies into one highly interactive and persuading campaign.

Here are 12 tips to create more effective video ads for your business.

#1: Use “Reverse Psychology” To Entice Viewers

One of the most effective techniques to use for this ad type is reverse psychology. This technique is highly effective at receiving clicks as it encourages the viewer to click by advocating it’s more beneficial to do the opposite.

Think: “Don’t Watch This Video If…” or “Skip This Video…”

This technique can spark a higher CTR, lowering your overall media costs.

#2: Get Straight To The Point Of Your Ad

Get straight to the point. We have to remember that a video ad is interrupting a viewer from watching something else.

You need to grab attention quickly. Not getting straight to the point only wastes time and makes your ad irrelevant to the viewer.

#3: Always Include A Call To Action

Within the structure or your ad, regardless of what niche you’re in, it’s important to include a call to action. Even though this is one of the more obvious reasons businesses create this type of ad in the first place, it’s surprising to see how many ads either forget to include or improperly insert a call to action.

As an overall rule, include a call to action with a persuasive reason why the should act now.

#4: Give The Viewer Multiple Options To Engage

Another important quality to have within the structure of your ad is engagement. Once again, we have to keep in mind that the viewer is currently occupied with something else.

While unnoticeable at first, having multiple options of engagement gives your ad more “real estate” on the online platform it is on. This raises the chances that a viewer will click on your ad.

#5: Consider Creating An Animated Video Ad

As far as the type of content to have within an ad, most business owners know the importance of being persuasive and entertaining in the short amount of time your ad has. One content that can help is to incorporate animation.

Animation catches attention because it “breaks the pattern”. It’s visually different than what’s expected, which can lead to viewer engagement.

#6: Use Large And Bold Colored Text

Using large and bold colored text serves a similar purpose that using animation content does within your video. It grabs attention.

#7: Entice The Viewer With A Reward

When it comes to using techniques to get a viewer to click your ad, few techniques work as effectively as rewards do. After all, who doesn’t like a reward?

If the reward of clicking is more valuable than being inert, you will get the click.

#8: A/B Split Test Different Video Ads

Testing is by far the most important factor that contributes to your success. (Or failure.)

Split testing reveals weaknesses within your ads, and helps you find opportunities for improvement.

Make more than one video to see which one performs better. And continue to test throughout the lifetime of your campaign. Always Be Testing.

#9: Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Landing Page

Another thing people forget about when focusing all their attention on making their video better is their landing page. No matter how good your ad is, a poor landing page will harm your conversion rates.

#10: Present A Solution To A Problem

Last but not least, write your ad copy to show how you solve the problems your viewer has. The viewer doesn’t care about you, your business, your brand, or your logo. All they want to know: Can you make their life better?

Answer this fast and answer it well, and you’ll be rewarded with engagement and clicks.